Meet the Excellent!!!. The Apple of God's eyes

The vision of the excellent men under RCCG HRA Parish Lekki, Lagos is centered on raising dedicated men of God who would grow His church into a holy and righteous men and people of God, by building their own homes into a strong family that is united in holiness and love in order to mentor upcoming generation of men and people of God. The holy and righteous men and people of God will be a dangerous weapon to the kingdom of darkness in the hand of God Almighty for the sake of God’s kingdom.

The Men’s ministry is known to uphold firm and strong beliefs that a holy and a righteous man or people of God would become the best in all ramification as God’s battle axe. The good examples displayed by the present calibre of men in RCCG HRA is more or less a cynosure to all eyes in the area of love, unity, care disposition with the spirit of giving. The next generation of Men can be empowered to aspire to greater heights. The reality of this great assumption is centred on mentoring the youth to explore their full potentials and become what God has destined them to be as they journey through life. We believe they can become a true representation of what “The maker of mankind” intended them to be.

The main purpose of the Men’s ministry under RCCG HRA is to create that avenue/channel to reach out to other men outside HRA, empowering them with the right information in order to inspire the younger generation to live a Christ like life in their calling to serve.

Finally, to be a strong financial platform to support the church and system in place to assist members in need in the area of employment, business ideology, education, health and other related areas. Men in this great department are encouraged to learn to reach out to other men and people of God in His Vineyard and in the world. By so doing; families are being bonded, united, love is shared and people are empowered.

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...Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.